Shadow Blade Warrior – Stickman Legends Magic War

About Shadow Blade Warrior – Stickman Legends Magic War

Shadow Blade Warrior – Stickman Legends Magic War is a action fighting free game fantasy RPG. You get to fight with lots of Monsters like Vampires, Zombies, Dead and Dragons to gain runes to use in casting spells and level Up to gain rewards. The game controls are easy as to move and attack. It has other features for jump, offense and guard defense. Another feature as you level you get magic slots to place and customize powerful spells.

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Playing Shadow Blade Warrior – Stickman Legends Magic War

You play as the stickman bounty hunter that slays ancient creatures of the night. You are gifted to cast powerful spells and handle magical weapons that can destroy the monsters of the night and evil nemesis that threatens you.


• Intense fast phased battle sword fighting action.
• Hyper powerful animation spells.
• Tag and slash away your offense and defenses.
• Blade weapons has unique attacks, skills and special attacks.
• upgrade your Blade weapon and stats to become the powerful Slayer.
• Level Up to increase your strength to fight more challenging foes and collect all spells.
• Lots of ancient mythological monsters to fight and challenging epic Boss!
• Easy to play and it’s a free game!


⚔ Story of the Shadow Blade Warrior – Stickman Legends Magic War

Early times at the end of the medieval civilization after the great war an evil witch cast a spell to reanimate dead and ancient creatures turning them into monsters. A stickman was also reanimated but still has his soul intact and has the will to fight against the evil witch! Shadow Blade Warrior are born. Equipped with blade weapons imbued with magic to prevent monsters from endangering the kingdom. Only the stickman warriors that can fight this menace. They use mystical power spells that can defeat these monster villains.

⚔ Weapons of the Shadow Blade Warrior

These are specialized Blade weapons that can destroy evil. They are equipped with special powers that helps fight away monsters. The more monsters you slay, the more experience you gain to unlock it’s secrets.
You can level up these weapons and increase it’s damage, critical strikes and unlock it’s talents!

⚔ Level Up

As you slay monsters you gain experience that allows you to Level up! For the Shadow Blade Warrior every time you level you get to increase your life and acquire new spells!
Blade weapons also get to level up. Each level can upgrade both spell damage and weapon damage. You can unlock new Blade weapon skills that gains you more effective attacks and ultimate moves!


⚔ Upgrade:

The Shadow Blade Warrior can upgrade life and weapon to become more powerful. Weapon upgrade includes attack and spell damage, critical damage and chances of critical strike!

New Customized Upgrade system


⚔ Magical spells

Learn spells from gaining levels and use them to protect you. Spells are used in many ways and with elemental attributes. Like ice can slow down enemies, fire to burn enemies, wind flies away near opponents, light heals and much more. You can customize your own spell for a more fun way to play the game! Collect them all!

⚔ Runes of magic:

Runes are power orbs found by slaying monsters. Runes are used to upgrade your blade weapon, your stats, use to revive you from dying. They are also use to cast magical spells.

⚔ Monster villains

You get to fight in action with countless of enemies and challenging epic boss. Each stage level difficulty raises. Fight zombies, mummy, werewolf, zombies, the dead harpies, vampires and lot more even dragons!

⚔ Battle in action

The game is as simple as hit and run as much as the new genre fighting games. Hardcore players can make use of features like guarding up to push away enemies. You can jump to escape projectiles or leap from traps. You can make use of the spells advantages like ice can slow down or burning them while escaping.

Well you have read some of the features, it’s time for you to have fun so download “Shadow Blade Warrior – Stickman Legends Magic War” NOW!

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