Sailor Witch Miru


Hello anime fanatics! Here comes Sailor witch Miru! She is cute and awesome witch that has the power of the stars and moon. It’s a side shooter role playing game made with fun and adventure. A nice feature of this game is it allows you “level up”!. Each time you level up your stats increases ( strength , damage and critical strike rating) and You will also gain new awesome witch spells that helps you defeat the enemies! You also collect coins and use them to buy extra stats , making her more powerful.

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– Level up to max to gain strength.
– Power tripping spells that you cast every time.
– challenging enemies and epic boss fights.
– endless fighting that makes you play over and over.
– Play with star Kitty that can heal you.
– easy to play



Sailor Witch Miru is a student of witchcraft. Imbue with great power of the star and moon, she is still honing her spell casting skills into becoming the most powerful witch. An event takes place when there is an imbalance of nature. Nightmare creatures made from the human’s fear spawn up, attacking the earth and it’s up to Miru to vanguish the forces of darkness.

  • Miru’s spells:
    – Moon boomerang:
    – Light beam.
    – star comet
    These are basic spells. As you progress in the game you get to learn a much more powerful version.

Unlock Full Game:
– When you get the Full game version, you will gain Star Kitty. It can heal you when you have been damages, and can also cast ‘star missle’ as an addition to spells. When you reach level 30, Star Kitty will have a new attack that can heal you and damage the enemy.

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