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About this Game Power Break Battle

The game is a side scroll with RPG-level base system that is fun to play. The features of the game includes:

  • Multiple fighters to choose from
  • Team and Player Level System
  • Equip powerful skills
  • Power Evolution
  • Supporting Allies

How to Play Power Break Battle

The game is very easy as you drag the character around by your fingers to move around. You can also drag the character from a distance as long as your finger is as close to the character. Theres is also a shoot button at the lower right of the screen to attack.
As the game progress and you gain a lot of XP to level up, hidden special attacks are being activated. You can use them for offense and defense. You can customize them in your preferred arrangement.

The Level System

There are 2 kinds of level System:
Team Level: This is a level that is shared by all characters in the game. This activates over all skills, perks and hidden characters in the game.
Player Level: This is a level for an individual character. It makes the active character stronger. Also gaining level will unlock unique abilities and ultimate moves!

Gaining XP is as easy a defeating any enemy and more xp on bosses.

What is Team Level ?

As all character progress, everybody has the chance to get strong and share each other’s skills. You can choose any fighter along and gain experience to level up your Team. Increasing the Z Team level increases everybody’s life and damage so your weaker level character can get strong at higher levels. Also certain team building perks and skills will also be unlocked:
* version 1.4 changes

Team Lv. 2: Heal (Skill)
Team Lv. 2: Power Slot 1
Team Lv. 3: Blast (Skill)
Team Lv. 5:Power Slot 2
Team Lv. 9: Power Punch (Skill)
Team Lv. 15: Power Surge (Skill)
Team Lv. 20:Power Slot 3
Team Lv. 23: Flowing Chi (Skill)
Team Lv. 26: Power Disc (Skill)
Team Lv. 33: Improved Flowing Chi (Z Team Perk)
*Team Lv. 40: Angel (Character)
Team Lv. 45: Flash Beam (Skill)
Team Lv. 50: Improved Power Surge (Team Perk)
*Team Lv. 55: Guardian (Character)
*Team Lv. 65: Mars (Character)
Team Lv. 80: Power Slot 4
Team Lv. 90: Sky (Character)
Team Lv. 95: Friendly Ally (Team Perk)
Team Lv. 125: Barrier (Skill)
Team Lv. 128: Perk Ally Heal (Team Perk)
*Team Lv. 132: Pineapple (Character)
Team Lv. 150: Power Boost (Skill)
Team Lv. 200: HyperSpeed (Team Perk)
Team Lv. 222: Ultra Violet (Character)
Team Lv. 250: Slot 5
Team Lv. 300: Ultimate Blow (Team Perk)
Team Lv. 350: Desroy Orb (Skill)
Team Lv. 400: Ultra Boost x3 (Team Perk)
*Team Lv. 450: God J2 (Character)
Team Lv. 500: Slot 6

What are Skills?

They are specialized attacks that can be learned by any character in the game. They all have certain use for healing, close range, long range, defense and power up!

Healing Chi
Heals your Life with Chi Energy.
Cooldown: 14 seconds
Unlocks at Z Team Level 2

Shoots an energy ball.
Cooldown: 18 seconds
Unlocks at Z Team Level 3

Power Punch
Close range attack. Fast cool down.
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Unlocks at Z Team Level 9

Power Surge
Allows you to Transforms. Critical Strike +20% when active. Also chances to gaining Ki is also increased.
It gets into +30% when you Get Improved S.S. Form.
This skill also increases your allies’ critical strike rating and slows them to transform with you.
Cooldown: 40 seconds
Unlocks at Z Team Level 15

Flowing Chi
Heals 5% of life/sec. when active. (20% on Improved Flowing Chi).
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Unlocks at Z Team Level 23

Power Disc
Launches disc that goes around.
Cooldown: 28 seconds
Unlocks at Z Team Level 26

Flash beam
Shoots a line of laser blast. Also known as Kamehameha.
It’s a skill that is commonly used to deafeat multiple enemies.
Cooldown: 36 seconds
Unlocks at Z Team Level 45

Android Barrier
Summons an android to protects you from attacks.
It’s a defense skill that can absorb multiple attacks.
It’s also an instant attack for enemy boss.
Cooldown: 26 seconds
Unlocks at Z Team Level 125

Power Boost
It’s a Power Up that increases your damage x2 from your normal damage. (x3 damage if you get Ultra Kioken)
Cooldown: 40 seconds
Unlocks at Z Team Level 150

Destroy Orb
Launches an orb of destruction used by the gods.
It destroys enemy on hit and a large amount of damage to enemy boss.
This is an overpowered attack and considered as an ultimate skill.
Cooldown: 80 seconds
Unlocks at Z Team Level 350

What are Team Perks?

They are enhancers that helps improve your Team’s combat and skills.

Improved Flowing Chi
Regeneration abilities is now 20% life per sec.
Unlocks at Z Team Level 33

Improved Power Boost
Critical chance for S.S. Forms to 30%
Unlocks at Z Team Level 50

Friendly Ally
Gains an Ally
Unlocks at Z Team Level 95

Ally can Heal
Ally Tosses you with Healing.
Unlocks at Z Team Level 128

Hyper Speed
All Ultimate Attacks time cooldowns is reduced to 50%
Unlocks at Z Team Level 200

Ultimate Blow
Over All Critical Damage x3
Unlocks at Z Team Level 300

Ultra Boost x3
Damage bonus from Power Boost to damage x3
Unlocks at Z Team Level 400


What is Time Travel?

Time Travel lets you select previous levels in the game. Most players use this to get revenge on previously difficult characters, to gain experience and more Ki!

FAQs questions and answers:

* What is Power Surge? and How will you get it.
answer:  It allows you to transform and raise your critical strike chances by 20% (30% if you get Power Surge +). You obtain this skill at Z Team Level 15.

* How do I get Ultra Boost?
answer: You get Ultra Boost depending on the character’s Abilities that you unlock to a certain Level. You can check Abilities at ENHANCE screen.

* Can I change back from Ultra Boost to Power Surge?
answer: Yes! You can it Turn ON/OFF at the ABILITY section in ENHANCE screen.

*How can I get an Ally to play with?
answer: You can get this feature when you reach Z Team Level 95 when playing the game or by store purchase.
The advantage of having an ally is that it helps your amount of damage and can also heal you (by reaching Team Level Z 100)
Also when the Ally gains the 5th ability, they have chances of special attacks.

* Can Do I obtain each of the character’s Ultimate attack?
answer: You need to Level Up your character and gain the last skill found at Enhance Screen. You need to be patient in playing because it’s the most strongest attack! Ultimate Skills are also available at the store to purchase if you want to gain it instantly!

* Can I get a God J2?
answer: There is one fusion character “God J2” in the game. However he has certain requirement: Sky and Mars should be unlocked and your Z Team level is at least LV. 450 to gain this character.



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