Pico is a cute robot wrapped in a gravity field that collects twinkle stars around the galaxy.
It has tons of challenging stages. Each with different goal in collecting stars and bounce action. Make your way for achievements and top score in the Leader-board!

-Collect stars and use the power up to increase cookie points and destroys the bombs.
-Play 60 levels with different obstacles.
-Score high by bouncing.
-It gains you fast reflexes specially for kids.
-Leaderboard and lots of Game center achievements.
-easy to play.

How to play:
Slide the platform from left to right, right to left so that Pico won’t fall off outer space.The Goal is to collect the twinkle stars. You can use the Twinkle stars points to gain additional life at the store.


Picoball the first game created by John.A.C.E year 2012. It’s a type of pingpong game where you have the robot named Picoball as the ball that bounces around the obstacles and collects twinkle stars.

Picoball Screenshot 2

Picoball Screenshot 3

Picoball Screenshot 4

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  1. Check out Picoball! He is cute and bouncing out the fun. Power him up with twinkle stars and energize him to defeat the enemies.

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