Stickman Superhero : One Man Army Shadow Fight War

Stickman Superhero : One Man Army Shadow Fight War is a super hero comedy and the top best free action fighting game! It has hilarious action of defeat. It has simple features with lots of astonishing amount of power. Very unbelievable at your very eyes!

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About Stickman Superhero : One Man Army Shadow Fight War

Who is Stickman Superhero? An Ultimate Legendary Fighter? He’s super strong, He’s invulnerable, No super villain could ever defeat him but,… he trips?! What kind of power is that?! Who is this unidentified stickman figure super hero? He just popped out of nowhere defeating with all the rampage at the most dangerous super villains by just a punch? What kind of power is that?! He’s a one man army stickman who got powerful wearing other super heroes costumes. Fight evil ninja, boss king, kungfu mortal, demon, robots, and even dragon. Play the undetermined super hero to promote him into becoming the world’s top Epic Warrior!


* Street fighting animations and Ultimate attack sequences.
* Use your Stickman Superhero Punch Attack to bring down foes.
* Wear different Legendary Fighter Super hero Costumes each with unique skills.
* Fight different enemy villains and epic boss.
* Easy to play and it’s a free game!


The game is simple and easy to play as a super hero fighting game. You can fight enemies all you want, the challenge is to avoid obstacles that makes you slip. Fight enemies using the one punch attack button and epic Ultimate attacks. Dodge slippery obstacles by pressing jump. Defeat villains to pop out coins and get new super hero costumes.

STORY Stickman Superhero : One Man Army Shadow Fight War

On earth, strange monsters and super villains appears out of no where causing disasters. Evil ninja, kungfu mortal, demon, dragon, robots and boss king are terrorizing the streets. Most powerful super hero have fallen leaving their costumes. Only the shadow stickman Stickman Superhero gathered their suit and using their abilities to defeat the villains. He as become from nothing to an Ultimate Legendary Fighter with an instant!

The Stickman Superhero

No one knows him, not even a popular super hero. People think he’s just a stickman warrior figure that causes disaster to rampage everybody at anger. Not even calamities of the planets can stop him except that.. He trips!

Stickman Superhero is a shadow of the One man superhero who took a special training through he became the shadow ultimate legendary fighter. Even the mightiest villains are taken down with just a simple one punch!


• Stickman Superhero Punch! a melee attack that hits at close range.
• Street fighting special attacks to hit enemies at far distance.
• Super move of massive damage. It can also destroy obstacles.


Cosplay into different Legendary Fighter Costumes. Warrior costumes that stickman wears varies in different animation movement and powers.

Bat suit: wear Bat cape geared up in combat for close range and to summon bomb bats to aid you.

Super Cape: wear a super cape as the man of steel with krypton beams and powerful blow.

Flash speed suit: be the speedster as he moves fast a a speed of flash. Too much flash speed will cause him to create powerful hurricanes.

Dr. Strange Cape: wear Dr. Strange mystic cape to create dimensional magic to cast fireballs and summon astral projectiles.

Deadpool suit: Fool by wearing deadpool gear with arsenal of nuclear weaponry. Even the teddy bear, angry bird and a pair of sandals can knock down foes?

Geno gear: wear parts of the class A cyborg Genos with powerful blast. The gear enhances one man’s reflexes and strength.

Iron man Suit: wear Iron man suit up with photon cannon and rocket punch those evil forces.

Captain Star Shield: bearing the adamantium shield. Use it’s remarkable durability and force that knocks all the super villains away!

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