Math Puzzle Exercise

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Every kid in Town loves to learn Math. Here is the app that is best for children who want to learn an improve their Math Addition skills!

Enjoy playing countless of random questions and solve them by dragging the numbers. Even grown kids and adults can play to enhance their counting skills! Complete the puzzle with best scene!

  • Features:
    -Cute awesome graphics the kids love.
    -Enjoyable puzzle.
    -Random Equation in every game.
    -Playing a lot will enhance reflexes in math.

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Math Puzzle Exercise 3
Watch out this video!


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Created by:  John A.C.E (Producer/Game developer)Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)


One thought on “Math Puzzle Exercise”

  1. Nice game to practice addition, even adults like me find it intruiging but better played by kids hehehe.

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