Limit Breaker Dragon Fighter Z : Legendary Heroes

Limit Breaker Dragon Fighter Z : Legendary Heroes is an action side scroll free fighting game with the RPG style to Level up. It has multiple super heroes to select from each has different ability using martial arts Z skills.

Story of Limit Breaker Dragon Fighter Z : Legendary Heroes

Many worlds is under threat by the evil god of everything that wants to wipe the universe and it’s up to the legendary heroes to rescue against countless of villains that invades different worlds in your galaxy. Join the quest of selected mightiest champion in a battle to defend the Universe against evil foes and level up till you master the ultra god form and fight with justice!

• Side scroll adventure that displays lots of action battle.
• Level system that unlocks special Skills and Perks.
• Gain Power slots to put your skills.
• Collect and assemble heroes to choose from.
• Unlock each warrior and quest for hidden fighter abilities.
• Enhance your character’s stats to boost more strength.
• Defeat countless of strong villains foes and challenging epic boss fights.
• Summon an ally to help you in combat.
• Fun to play and it’s a free game!

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How to play Limit Breaker Dragon Fighter Z : Legendary Heroes

Touch the screen and drag your player around the space. There is a button to attack the enemy monster. You can shoot the strong villains with any attacks all you want. If you get close to the enemy monster you reduce your life force. Use tons of sphere of energy, blast beams, force punch and spirit orbs to attack. Once you have higher Z Team Level you can unlock Fighter Z skills and perks that kick out the strong villains away! Challenge yourself by gaining victory on the epic Boss and get justice!

Drag character and shoot enemies

You can choose to play with the analogue control to move your fighter or touch screen and drag your character around the space.

You can shoot enemies any limit you want. Once you have higher Z Team Perk you can unlock Dragon Limit breaker Skills that kick out the enemies away!

Get lots of characters and powerful allies to help you defeat foes in the omniverse. Each dragon god fighter is unique and each has different abilities.

For the first game version the characters to choose from are Sai, Rose and Brogeta.

★ Z Team (Level Up)

Level up your superhero warrior and raise your spirit by gaining victory and get extra stats that can power up to the next level. Your team can gain you access to hidden martial arts Z skills and perks that are useful in combat.

Limit Breaker Z Team Perks

★ Z Team (Perks!)

One warrior can advance in Z team level and gain perks that can power boost your super heroes. One can gain extra abilities and can be used by all characters.

Z Skills

All superhero warrior can access and learn to master new techniques by Level Up as a team. These are powerful skills that you can use to defeat the enemy monster. You can teleport, power boost, shoot sphere of energy, blast beams, force punch or spirit orbs at your foes to take them out in an instinct.

List of Limit Breaker Skills
List of Limit Breaker Skills

★ The Power Belt

Customize your skills in the power Belt slot to access them in the game. You can create your own sequence of attacks to become an expert in fighting.

★ Enhance your strength

You can enhance your stats in life, damage and critical strike%. This will power boost your superhero warrior.

Limit Breaker Stats
Enhance Stats and Abilities

★ Fighter Abilities

Each warrior can master abilities are based on their characteristics and god legends skills. Final ability comes with an Ultimate Attack like orb of energy and beams.

Super Saiyan Rose
S.S. Rose Sakura Beam

 Ultimate attacks

Gain a super ultimate attack when it reach it Limit Breaker level like a saiyan. Each superhero warrior ultra attacks are unique and cannot be learned by other Players. Ultra attacks require no energy to use. Some players can hardcore attacks with more higher calibre in an instinct!

Sai’s Ultimate Super God Beam (Kamehameha)

 Ally Sidekick

You can gain a command “Ally sidekick” once you reach a high Z Team Level. They can help you to cause damage, heal or use certain abilities like a saiyan sidekick.

Shows game with an ally

 Time Travel

You will battle in quest for stage levels where you shift in different places that needs your help and become the world champion of justice. Once you have defeated an epic boss you can access time travel where you can go back and fun defeating the previous strong villain.

Limit Breaker Form
Brogeta in Limit Breaker Form


It’s time for you to get some action fighting! Download Limit Breaker Dragon Fighter Z : Legendary Heroes NOW!

Download Limit Breaker Dragon Fighter Z