The White Viking

Play as the hero that defends the throne and hold the door from the evil creatures, the Death knight. All we need is a White Viking who has the power to destroy them. Armor and level up to be the fierce warrior and slay countless enemies. Enhance your skill and upgrade your strength to become the knight that protects the kingdom. Great Sword fighting game in Pixel!


New Game Plus 
This will reset the stage level from level 1. Your level and purchases will remain the same and still be as strong as before you restart the game. This is good if you want to start over again to defeat old strong enemies and gain experience points.

Stage level

As you play to fight the death knight zombies you have to hold them and keep fighting until the day is over. Once the night is over you have finished your goal to the next stage level.


This feature will add stats to your character for better life, damage, heals, Critical damage and critical chances.


Sword Attack– sword attacks comes with different sword-style poses. You can gain extra score by doing a combo attack.

Special attacks– these are locked features that can be unlocked through gaining experience points to level up. These are usefull to enemies and cause double damage other than your normal attack. They are avaible upon time duration. Purchasing SPECIAL FEATURES will reduce the spell cooldown duration to half. Have fun with the them!