Gods of Power Information and FAQs

SIGN UP FOR BETA TEST – Gods of Power – Game

We will have either closed beta testing or early access by April or May. If you want Gods of Power Information and want to participate at the beta test for this game or get notified by early access email us at:

gpfighters@yahoo.com and write title Beta Test GOP


also LIKE our ‘Gods of Power’ page at facebook


Gods of Power Information and FAQs


The Concept

Were making another new game in a continuity to the game God Dragon Fighter Z and Limit Breaker called “Gods of Power”. It will have new features as the traditional Brawling and with air combo system similar to new fighting games as Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Currently already have the set of fighter roaster of characters based from the characters made and will post more info very soon!





Release date.

There is no specific date but we plan to make the release at mid of 2018, around or after June. Stay tuned!


More stuff and information will come up soon! You can leave comment below. Stay tuned!


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