DRAGON COMBO FIGHTERS: Gods of Power Super Legends – Information and FAQs

Welcome to DRAGON COMBO FIGHTERS: Gods of Power Super Legends


August 7, 2018

Google Play version 0.2.9

New update involves these following changes:

  • Boss disappearing while battling will teleport at the middle of the game if it happens. Also Boss attack sequences has been changed.
  • Magic Blue and Dark Lord Broly’s infinite ki attack are now reduced.
  • Some enemies Boss that have explosions are now increased in radius.
  • All enemies and boss life are now reduced and difficulty of the game has also been changed a bit easier than the previous update.
  • Title has been changed from Combo Break to Dragon Combo Fighters.

Amazon version coming soon!

NOTE: If you find a bug in this update, let us know by using the comment box below or email us at gpfighters@yahoo.com

For next Update!

  • We are working a new character “Bro-J2
  • New enemies and Boss to fight.


New character in Dragon Combo FighterZ ” Bro-J2 ” coming soon at early september 2018.


May 30, 2018

Google Play version 0.2.3
Amazon version 0.2.1

  • The game title Combo Breaker is now changed to ” COMBO BREAK: Street Dragon Fighter God War Legends “.
  • All God Forms Aura’s have a new special effect look and color.
  • Fixed a glitch where 2 skills are casting in one skill.
  • Removed glitch of multiple attacks on Black Rose Boss and changed attack move.
  • Rose Blast an Energy Ball casting time is now 10 seconds (used to be 16 seconds).
  • Fixed issue where the god form aura appears and disappears at the start of the game.


Using Ki coins

  • To last long in battle stack and use item HEAL and REVIVE that can be purchased by game Ki.
  • Watch a complete video reward to gain a large amount of Ki.
  • Buy INSTANT REWARD in app purchase at the SHOP to skip video reward for instant Ki. Also removes annoying Ads.
  • Use Ki to upgrade stats of life, damage, critical strike, critical damage and power time.

Enhance Stats
Increasing the player’s statistics will improve effectivity, longevity and strength. Upgrade them if you got lots of Ki coins!

  • LIFE makes you last in battle and less chances of dying.
  • DAMAGE causes your enemy life to run out. More damage also increases critical strike damage
  • CRITICAL STRIKE causes big amount of damage and ki coin by a chance. More chance, more damage!
  • POWER TIME makes your Super Saiyan Power Up last longer. You will see the meter in the upper screen when the power runs out.



  • Buy the 5 secret ultimate skills at the SHOP because they cannot be achieved by playing the game. These are moves that are super powerful.
  • If you can’t wait for the next evolution you can purchase each character’s evolution at the SHOP.

Questions and FAQS

Where is God-J2 in the game?

Answer: He is still under progress. A character might take a month of development. But he is the 7th character of the game so there will be 2 more characters to appear first.


Gods of Power: Dragon War King Fighters Legends Screenshot Sample
Screenshot of the Game


NOTE: If you find a bug in the game you can leave us comment below this game.

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      1. Whoa this looks awesome I hope it has a lot of cool forms and has kaioken

  1. Portuguese: os meus ataques não acertamos o alvo quando estou muito perto como o “Power Absorb” e o “One Punch Blow”
    English: some attacks don’t hit The enemie when i’m very close like “Power Absorb” and “One Punch Blow”

    1. You must be in the same distance as the enemy or 0 blank range. You need to be in front of the enemy. Firing needs a little distance away, thank you!

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