COMBO BREAK: Street Dragon Fighter God War Legends

COMBO BREAK: Street Dragon Fighter God War Legends is a mobile game anime manga fantasy legend inspired pixel art action fighting game. Mortal can fight at the power tournament over the world. It’s one man hero VS league of shadow clan super villains in a death match battle arena. An addicting free action fighting game!

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Watch video teaser of the game COMBO BREAK: Street Dragon Fighter God War Legends

Main Features:

• HD pixel art graphics and combat action battle entertainment.
• Hardcore fast phased air clash combo breaking stickman motion.
• Battle royale intense nonstop combo action.
• Unlock mystery skills and evolved Legendary God Forms like a super saiyan
• Craft ball of dragon energy and create your skills in Power ball slots.
• Defeat countless infinity war super villains and epic boss.
• Loads of fun challenge! Can be played online or offline on mobile!

★ How to play COMBO BREAK: Street Dragon Fighter God War Legends

It is a fantasy street fighting game action combat style with street fight brawling of using punch and kick boxing game sports. The RPG system makes you level up. It has multiple league of brave warrior legends to unlock. Each fighters has different ability using Z Technique. Tap left and right for walking. As basic rules of sports games, tap attack button to punch and knock out foes for survival or be dead. It has Guard and Air combo sports.

⚔ Game Features:

  • Multiple fighters to unlock and select.
  • Powered and lots of unique God Forms!
  • Z Team and Player Level Up system.
  • Air combo attack system and chain attack combinations.
  • Customizable skills.
  • Selectable and unique god forms.
  • Each fighter has their own Quirk abilities and Z Techniques aside from skills.
  • Enhance Life, Damage, Critical Strike, Critical Damage and Power Time.
  • Perks that makes you stronger.
  • Items for heals and auto-revive.
  • Store for In app purchase of characters, skills, forms and Ki!
  • Challenging enemies and epic boss fighting!

Gods of Power: Dragon War King Fighters Legends Screenshot Sample

★ HD pixel art style graphics and frame animation
Our art style changed from game Limit Breaker to HD pixel art graphics and stickman based motion frame with cool boxing game sports poses.


☯ Selectable Fighterz

Get lots of superhero champion around the world to defeat titan dark forces. Each super hero brave warrior has special quirk from being a god.
• Hero Z : A war god of fire and flame. His magic causes impact.
• X Blade : Guardian of time. Master of the sword art skills. A solo ninja samurai from the final future.
• Darth Snow : A God of destruction. His magic element is shadow.
• God Blue: Knight God of Thunder, Sky and Plants. His quirk is regeneration from plants. He has happy persona.


★ God Forms and Z Techniques.

Players has each god forms like a super saiyan man or super hero with abilities. Each form has different look and different power up!


★ Z Level

Boost up Z team level and gain extra stats that can power up to the next level by fighting battle with villains and boss fights. Level up your team can unlock hidden characters and Skills.



As your Z Level raise you can unlock hidden skills that everybody can use. These can be offensive, defensive, close range or long range attacks. These are powerful skills that you can use to defeat monsters. You can teleport, shoot blasts and beams at your foes to take them out. Gear your skills at the Power Ball Slot to access skills.
• Teleport
• One Punch Blow
• Fire ball crush
• Revenge shot
• Power sphere cannon
• Energy boost
• Gravity Force Field
• Kamehameha
• Dragon Spirit Ball
• Ultra Big Bang Bang Attack
• Ultra Instinct Fast Break
• Final Kamehameha

Ultimate skills and Perks

Perks are enhancers to make your heroes really strong like a super saiyan man. 5 Ultimate skills cannot be learn. They are secret and purchased at the shop.


Defeat Villains, Monsters and Epic Boss!

In this fighting game you’ll fight dark zombies, shadow titan, alien and super villains.

• Darth Evil
• Dark Lord
• Magic Blue
• Emperor Black
• Shadow King
• Star Vader
• Mad Titan


Superhero Sidekick

You can gain a command ”Superhero Sidekick” once you reach a high Z Level.


★ Tip: Time Travel

My hero quest is to fight at street stage arena day and night with different monsters. Once I defeated a legendary boss, I can gain access to time travel where I can go back and fun defeating the previous hardcore villains in one punch!

If you like video game sports like boxing game, kung fu, martial arts, karate, and street fighting nonstop action games, you’ll love this one!

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