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This page will discuss about the game God fighter X and it’s series. Read more below.

June 10, 2017

Update Version 1.4.52

  • Fixed major issue about crashing due to the new android version.
  • Fixed issue where Special Attacks glitch when they are pressed too fast by one another.
  • Updated Ads.
  • Video Ads in Pause and Game Over will now gain Reward.
  • Removed glitch where you gain full life by going into the Power Up Menu.
  • Optimized graphics for better performance.


May 26, 2017

News: COMBO BREAK game is now available!

Our new game “Combo Break” is now available at Google Play and Amazon stores.

You can DOWNLOAD this game by clicking at these app stores!

Gods of power at google play appstoreGods of power at Amazon appstores

Learn more by clicking at the article below:

COMBO BREAK: Street Dragon Fighter God War Legends



October 28, 2017

We strongly announce a new game Limit Breaker Dragon Fighter Z has been released in Android Google Play and Amazon. It has features from the game God Dragon Fighter Z, Arm Bolt Squad and Sailor Witch Miru. This is probably the best side scroll game we have done so far. You can check out the link below and download this game!

Limit Breaker Dragon Fighter Z : Legendary Heroes

Notice that we also changed the game Dragon God Fighter to God fighter X because of title issues. After a few updates on this game we also plan to make another game that is based from this Limit Breaker Dragon Fighter and God fighter X. It is expected to have a released soon or later in 2018.

More info will come out soon!

For question you may write comments below thanks!

-Gamepencil Team



20 thoughts on “God fighter X: Information and FAQs”

  1. There’s a glitch where when you press the power up button and unselected it you get full health. back

  2. Cool game way better than the first release
    And I am to level 768

  3. Hola este juego es genial, peroPueden hacer que el personaje se pueda editar como la ropa y que cuando se tranforme en el ssj y ssj blue se Levante el cabello.


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