Fight the Alien


Fight the Alien in exotic locations around the Universe. Win 10 fights and become Champion of the Universe. Enjoy fun bonus rounds along the way.

Multiply your power with a Stomach Punch – Head Punch combo! Increase your combos by avoiding getting punched.

Purchase the Power Gloves for 2X power or the Cyberknuckles for 3X power. Be careful, Power Gloves can knock his head clean off, and Cyber Knuckles may make his head explode!

The game is as easy as to tap at the alien to give him a punch. Beware because the alien’s powers is to teleport and unknowingly he will punch you first. While the alien punches at you, you won’t be able to attack so the challenge is to hit him first before he does. The alien can dish you with quite a lot of damage specially over the next series of stages. Better suit up with the special gloves or knuckles to really give you a boost.

Alien Storm is fun to play, it’s quite an exciting boxing game. You will also gain practice with time reflex and really challenging to knock out the Alien.


Fight the Alien Screenshot


  • Barefist– Normal attack Damage
  • Power Glove– Deals double Damage
  • Cyber Knuckle– Deals Triple Damage

Fight the Alien Weapons

Get the Ultimate Weapon and fight the Alien at it’s Max Level!
Fight the Alien

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Created by Scott Veronie

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