Counting Sheep

Want to make your kid learn numbers before they sleep? This is a good app for todlers, nursery, kinder and growing kids. This game is made to encourage little kids to learn counting while having fun. The sheeps are cute to look at and it comes in random skin colors.

The game is as simple as counting sheep. The little challenge of it is the sheep appear in random places and children have to guess which is the correct number corresponding on how many sheeps are in the scene.
Counting Sheep Game Play

How to Play:
From the menu screen, you can choose between playing the normal sheep or playing the black sheep. The game is just simple, you just need to count how many sheeps that are available at the screen. Then choose the number you thing is the correct sheep count. If you guess the correct answer the first time you click, you will recieve perfect grade of 3 stars. If you guess wrong multiple times you can still win until you find the correct answer but the grade gets low. Achieving perfect grades boost the kids morale to play more.

Black Sheep:
Another feature is counting the black sheeps. They also appear in random places and will confuse kids which is a challenge for them. It’s quite interesting to add the black sheep to the game, if the kid find the normal sheeps easy to count, they get more confused counting them with the black sheeps.

Black Sheep

Playing this app will boost the child’s memory recognition in numbers, later on counting becomes second nature that children don’t need to count thier fingers. This game also allows the kid to learn alone without the parent’s guidance, adults will find it easy to play. People with poor mathematical skills can alse enhance and practice counting by playing this game. This is a great app for your kids!


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