Counting Twinkle Little Stars

Count Twinkle Star IconLearning kids love stars and they love to point them in the sky. Why not learn from them and practice how to count numbers. This is a great app for your kids, todlers, nursery to kinder. Learning this app will gain kids count recognition before they engage school activities. It will become a second nature for them to count by mind and less using counting by fingers.

How to Play:

It is easy to play. The kid just need to count how many stars that are available at the screen. After you count them choose the correct number below the screen for your answer. If you guess the number correctly the first time you get the perfect grade 3 star achievement which boost the child morale and will encourage them to play more. If you guess wrong many times you can still win until you get the answer correctly, we make sure that the child don’t get frustrated by loosing  and get motivation to improve their counting skills.

Counting Twinkle Little Stars

The Stars are so cute and childrens adores them. You can tap on the stars so that they can do thier twinkle effect that kids will love playing this game over and over.

This game is also good for kids who are poor in math and visual counting. Playing a lot will help kids to easily know how many an object is from pointing to just staring.


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Created by John A.C.E (Arts & Developer)