Count Balloons by Numbers 123

Count Balloons by Numbers 123 in an educational game app for toddlers, baby boy, baby girl, nursery, kinder garden to pre school pupil students to learn basic counting of numbers. It is suitable to kids at any age who wants to improve and enhances the their counting skills and color intuition. Quite challenging even for adults!


*Features of Count Balloons by Numbers 123

• 2 Types of Game: Counting numbers and counting colors.
• Counting numbers: Identify how many balloons are in.
• Counting colors: Identify the number of specific colors
• Rewarding achievement when you guess the number correctly.
• You can do this all over and enjoy winning!
• Playing it more will help kids pass school IQ test quiz exam!
• Can also be played under K-12 education and for families.

Count Balloons by Numbers 123

What is a NUMBER?

A number is a symbol represents a count, a numeral or group of numerals. It also used in Mathematical equations.

Learning Numbers by Counting 123

Counting numbers : counting numbers using balloon pop for kids will make the children enhance his way of thinking how many balloons are present in the educational game app. In this mode the child only need to count the balloons and not need to care about what color it is.
Counting Colors : in this mode of educational app the game asks you how many colors are present and the toddler, kid, pupil or preschooler must choose the correct number that corresponds to the color of the balloon pop.


Math for kids

If children play this game he will surely get recognize at numbers before he gets into schooling. Playing a lot is even more better! He will easily know the number symbol of the counting number and it is a challenge to just look at the numbers instead of pointing fingers to count. This game does not have a counter so there is no pressure on the time to choose the correct answer. It is a good introduction to mathematics.

Counting is fun! Math is fun!
Playing this game is actually very fun for very young audience. Toddlers kids like the basic shapes and basic colors of the rainbow. They will be having a lot of fun figuring the correct answer and getting 3 star reward.

Count Balloons by Numbers 123

What are the numbers in Count Balloons by Numbers 123
In this educational game app, the goal is to recognize 10 basic numbers.
• 1 One
• 2 Two
• 3 Three
• 4 Four
• 5 Five
• 6 Six
• 7 Seven
• 8 Eight
• 9 Nine
• 10 Ten

What is a COLOR?

A color is a quality of an object or substance in respect to the light or visual representation of hue , saturation and brightness. In this game we play around the basic colors of the rainbow.

Color is fun! The color game
In counting colors the nursery young kid loves to play with the colors. In this educational game the children will like figuring the basic colors. The colors of this game are representations of the rainbow color:


What are the colors in Count Balloons by Numbers 123 ?

Red is the color of the Red Rose. It is the first primary color of the rainbow.
Orange is the color of the fruit “orange” and carrots. It is a secondary color from red color.
Yellow is the color of ripe lemon or egg yolk. Primary color between Green and Orange color.
Green is mostly the color of our vegetables. It is one rainbow color between blue and yellow.
Blue is the color of the sky at day time and the color of the water sea. It is one primary color of the rainbow between green and violet. usually boys like this color.
Violet is a color like purple next to blue in the rainbow family. Usually a color near the night bed time.
Pink is the color pale red to purple. Usually girls like this color.

Sounds fun right? Baby boy and baby girl or even adults can play this education game! Help your kid pass IQ test quiz exams! Also good for K12 education for families.
Download Count Balloons by Numbers 123 today!

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