Bird Flight Fantasy: Meisters


Bird Flight Fantasy Meisters is an action side scroll RPG adventure game packed with many surprises. It has loads of fun with selectable characters and pet birds that aids you in battle. Join them as they ride astonishing wind beasts and fly countless of endless worlds. Best plays at holidays! Stay tuned for the series!

-You can customize your player with different strengths.
-Lots of characters and pets to play with.
-Lots of Power ups to bring you good points and coins!
-Each Character have different power up skills.
-Different Endless worlds to play with different random enemies.
-You can bring two pets to aid you in battle.
-Equip accessory to make you more powerful.
-It has auto-attack feature.
-Challenge your friends at the game center!
-Easy and fun to play.



Bird flight fantasy: Meisters

Bird flight fantasy meisters screenshot

Bird flight fantasy

bird flight fantasy boss

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Created by: John A.C.E (Producer/Game developer)