God Fighter X: Shadow War Dragon Hero Legends – Action Fighting Game

God Fighter X is an anime inspired fantasy action fighting game much of the traditional brawling using your kung fu martial arts that kids love. It’s more like playing an arcade game only that you can play it in your mobile device! Battle the legacy endless saga and survival of the gods of power.

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* Clash with action kung fu martial arts attacks and special punch moves.

* Evolutions that make you stronger.

* Power up and customize your strength that increases your life, damage and critical strike ratings.

* Nonstop battle infinity amounts of dark shadow enemy monsters and epic boss fights!


How to Play God fighter X

As an action fighting game, you can tap basic left and right move and battle escape. The basic rules of survival is avoid being idle and tap attack a lot when you see a foe. You tap and play around other controls like guard, teleport and super powerful attacks to defeat monster shadow villains. You can nest your attacks then as you gain level you get to learn new powerful attacks and evolve almost like a super saiyan to increase your damage. A special bonus is when you get defeated you can revive yourself and blast away all enemies in an instinct!

God Dragon Fighter Z screenshot

The Dragon Fighter Superhero Warrior : Hero Z

The story goes in another universe where earth is invaded by powerful alien invaders, incredible monsters, elite titan and war lord kings where men could not face. The last legendary superhero warrior named Hero Z seek justice to avenge and fight countless of dark shadow villains and war lord kings to become stronger. As a God Fighter X, one must also face epic battle fights to evolve. One man a dragon fighter trains to become the most powerful superhero warrior to avenge and save the universe from extinction. Fight against infinity league of villains that threatens your city and battle with your kung fu martial arts skills. Level up and evolve into different evolution until you reach the level of an ultra god and stop the shadow war. Be summoned at the tournament gods of power and defeat stronger enemies!

Sai Doku

Fighting attacks:

Basic attacks has different action punch and kicks that earns over a combo. The more fast action you punch over the dark shadow villains, the less chance of getting hit by them in an instinct. The game also comes with an auto punch when you press and hold the attack button longer. There is also a guard button to block monsters from hitting you. You better watch your life or the angry dark monsters will crush you. Don’t fall from the dark lord!

Level up and Evolution:

Your legendary dragon fighter can evolve almost like a super saiyan. Like a super saiyan warrior when you battle a lot of enemies you get stronger, in this fighting game you fight more dark shadow villains to level up and when you reach higher levels you get new forms that increases your strength! While raising your level, you will unlock new ultra epic skills that gives you extra attacks. Certain Auras changes as you gain more levels. You must level with no limit in order to face super ultimate shadow villains in the universe!

God Dragon Fighter Z screenshot - Evolution

Power Up

This feature empowers your stats to gain extra attributes. Every time that your Dragon fighter increases in action level the more evolution epic forms you receive and makes your stats getting a lot stronger. Collect these forms until you reach rank! You get to upgrade your life, Damage and Critical strike for better fighting.

  • Life: More life you have the less chance of being defeated in the game.
  • Damage: increasing damage will easily destroys the enemies. The more you have the more damage you can inflict with special attacks.
  • Critical damage can cause double to triple to more damage based on the players attacks and critical % chances.
  • Critical strike % chances can cause many chances to inflict huge amount of damage to enemies. Having super mode skill will temporary improve your critical chance % by additional 35%.

God Dragon Fighter Z screenshot - Power Up

Special Ultra Skills

Each Dragon Fighter Skills comes in series of handy ways. Each comes with a cool-down duration. Some actions are bang bang blast, ball of energy, ring core punch, kamehameha and more. Each of these legendary attacks comes in unique techniques and many uses like using the teleport to switch places and avenge enemies behind and using powerful beams and ball of energy. Players will love using these ultra skills!

God Dragon Fighter Z screenshot - Boss Fights


Minion parasites are invading the Earth, It’s up to you to protect it. They come countless numbers until you fight the mastermind. The boss enemy is hidden in the tournament of power. The Supreme kai chi of your world has given you a Zeno button to jump teleport you and it will take place in the world of void, where players use the fullest extent of their powers. It has been held by the Great priest who created it with the help of other universe’s gods of destruction so Beware! Most powerful villains awaits!

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Available at google play - God Dragon Fighter Z Available at Amazon - God Dragon Fighter Z