Mobile Force: Star Fighters of Galaxy War Academia

About Mobile Force: Star Fighters of Galaxy War Academia

Deep far in star space wars of the galaxy, a colony where  dragon squad heroes are guardians protect to use their super power in their arms. Protagonist are chosen as guardians of galaxy. Your legacy as super hero is to attack titans and evil robot monsters and fight injustice! Fight the alien villains that invades the universe.

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Features of Mobile Force: Star Fighters of Galaxy War Academia

• Selectable warriors to choose from.
• Level up your gladiator team to unlock quirks, summon sidekick and Gun weapons.
• Tons of Limit Breaker Weapons.
• Clash your warrior to strengthen your armor to last in battle and unlock secret skills.
• Upgrade your fighterz stats.
• Tons of action and fighting alien foes, evil robots and epic boss fights!
• Endless saga of nonstop action!

How to Play Mobile Force: Star Fighters of Galaxy War Academia

The rules to survival is to defeat the corrupt digital being in front of you. Tap attack to shoot energy ball. You can get new weapons over power levels. You do not have to force jump because of the nature of gravity and suit that boost your weight to fly of the ground. Each time you attack and hit you get combo break points and energy coins to upgrade your iron suit!


You can select incredible star champions that you can fight along your own choice. Each gladiator you choose also change in stats, weapon and skills. Each character has their own elemental abilities like fire, love, lighting, flame, plants, dark shadow and more!


Have any of your avenger to level up your team to gain access to weapons and perks you can use to defeat enemy. You also gain additional stats that are applicable to the next character. Each time you level up for your squad man team army, you activate perks that enhances your squad overall performance in fighting.

Each time you grind for squad level you activate perks that enhances your squad overall performance in fighting.

You get to access weapons thru squad level. They can be used by anybody at your squad. Some weapons can be specialized by a specific arm bolt trooper’s skill talent.

-Each character has a different arm bolt weapon that has certain skill to each weapon. It’s up to you how to use them. Each has different skills that can be gained by leveling UP.
-each player’s arm bolt weapon can have an upgrade to boost life, damage and critical hit.

You can unlock skills and abilities through leveling. They are skills that improves your fighting style. Each arm volt trooper has different elemental attribute

As you progress further your squad level you get to play with an ally to help you dish some damage. You will need to level them as main characters for them to gain stronger damage.

You can upgrade each character stats to increase durability to last long in battle.
• Life = Stamina that allows you to stay long in combat
• Damage = Hit points to reduce enemy’s life
• Critical Strike= Gives you a chance to double your arm bolt damage.

– You gain energy as you defeat a foe. They are used to enhance your skills and use to operate your special weapons.

You progress experience as you level. You gain additional stats from if you get more levels. You also gain your character’s specialized skill in weaponry.

Access your weapon data by storing them in your power slot’s utility belt. You can gain lots of slot thru purchase.

When the fight gets touch you may go back and choose previous levels that are easy to grind experience and power crystals. This is effective in lower level characters.


You get a chance to defeat countless of antagonist evil robots in different stages. They are robot titan, mega beast, nest tentacles, electric zombies, shadow vader, god of thunder and king transformer fighter. Escape or finish them so you can enhance your stats.

If you finish an epic boss and gain more power crystals and experience.

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