News: Arm Bolt Squad – Coming Soon!

July 22,2017

Added a character for the selection. This will be the new default.

July 22,2017

We are making a new game with a twist of RPG. It will have lots of features:

  • Level Up system
  • Weapons with unique fire power
  • Power Stones that gives additional Power
  • Challenging enemies
  • Storyline

The game will be a side scroller type only that it has awesome features like Character customization, Changing Weapons, Weapon enhancements, Unique enemies, Having power stones (pretty much like in Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite?) also probably some little feel from the DragonBall Fighters Z coming this 2018. We are inspire by these fighting games but we would like to change the fighting style to more in an RPG way.


We are a small company and only have a small amount of funds to make our games running. You can help us with your support by clicking on the support button below. Thanks you!

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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